Some fun Changes to this Year’s WordCamp!

This post is from fellow WordCamp Raleigh organizer Jen McFarland:

Welcome back for Raleigh WordCamp 2016! If you’re a returning attendee then you’re familiar with the WordCamp space on NC State’s Centennial campus. We’ve been happy to host this event for the past 3 years and we’re delighted to have you back again!

Last year the conference continued its trend of growth, and as a result we found ourselves straining at the seams. But the good news about hosting the event on a university campus: always a few more classrooms around.

In past years we’ve straddled the breezeway between the two halves of Engineering Building II. This year we’ll be staying on the northwest side of the building and we’ll instead be sharing space with the neighboring Engineering Building I. This should afford us plenty of extra classrooms, plus some large hallway space for networking and hanging with your new conference besties.

The other perk for this year is our new food venue. Past attendees may recall the large tent in the expansive lawn outside the engineering buildings. While this was a workable solution you may also recall the crummy weather – Murphy’s Law of outdoor events means we almost always end up with rain, chilly temperatures and/or wind. This year we’re moving indoors to The Oval, a large cafeteria area located across the lawn. We’ll have food courtesy of NC State’s Dining services. On the menu for this year we have buffet style barbecue with Carolina pulled pork, BBQ beef brisket, collard greens, coleslaw, green beans and potatoes. We also asian stir-fry with tofu for our vegan/vegetarian friends.

Looking forward to seeing you for this year’s event!

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